Skull and Shackles

A place to call our home......

What a week.

We finally get to this place called Tidewater rock.

What a hole.

A godforsaken tower in the middle of nowhere, with a harridan and a few mercenaries guarding it. Whats even worse is they seem to be poor. Still, we cannot overlook the strategic location of this little rock in the middle of a shipping channel.

A day after sealing the deal, and by that I mean Max bedding the strumpet, we have our agreement with tidewater rock. A pleasant enough folk once you get to know them, and they will likely make a decent support staff, but what really attracts me is that they seem to have a support network of spies in the nearby ports of call. Information makes a pirates life much much more easier than just wandering around hoping for a “big” score. Plus from a religious point of view…..its as if we are made for one another.

Taking a nearby score, a trawler of no significance, we begin to head back to the rock to rehash some things with our new allies when we come across Whalebone Pilk an undead ship of some repute. I easily get the ship of the Damned under control, but the kobold bollixes things up when he starts trying to steal the bell from this undead wreck. The undead ship dissipates ….ah I hope we can find them again, I would enjoy having a ship of undead at my command ….it would let us go after much larger scores.

Some rest and recuperation on Tidewater is interrupted by the attack of pirates from a ship and its captain a sorcerer of some great skill. It was touch and go for a while as the other officers and I saw to the defense of the rock, sadly during its defense all of its former inhabitants were slain. As we tallied loot however, I was able to determine how she communicated with her spies….a series of rings that enabled communication. I can only surmise her agents have similar rings. It can be disconcerting listening to the reports at times, but the knowledge……well worth it.

Upon examination of the fallen sorcerer, it seems she had a treasure map tatoo’d on her back. To verify its location I created a magical treasure map from a concoction of her brain and tongue and drew a map which guided us to a secluded cove.

Upon arriving, we were attacked by the sorcerors ship. However, by being a persuasive fellow, along with a liberal amount of Norgorbers blessing of the facile tongue, the new captain of the ship decided to cast his lot with us in exchange for some of the treasure.

It will remain to be seen if he will remain reliable in this venture or if he will need dispatching.


SeanSutton Vanduhar

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