Skull and Shackles

Captains Log

Damn Stirges

“it is with disgust that I am forced to retreat to the ship, it is true there is a part of me that has always felt that eventually I would seek out an undead existence as a lich or vampire in time to stave off death but I never thought I would need to do so at the pointy little beaks of a handful of stirges.

I bring with me some of the dust of our fallen officer, Flotsam, who gave his life in service to his god. Truly he was blessed, for he rose as a ghoul to wreak further vengeance on our enemies. In time though …too many of those damn little grindylow bastards punched his ticket as well.

The crew has been working diligently under the guidance of the Cook, backed up by threats from our doughty companion Rosy. I am going to suggest that Killian make her his second in case he falls in combat. She may be short in stature but she is possessed of a fierce nature.

Although I may look like a person about to cross over the great divide into Vampirehood, I feel much better after sleeping in this frilly foppery looking hammock. It as if it almost massages me to a gentle night sleep. Hmmm perhaps Plugg wasn’t as clueless as I thought.

We need more bodies to make this ship work ….not just sailors but some skilled craftsmen, Sandra and I cant be expected to mend every little thing.

Work continues and I await my officers return with anticipation and some trepidation if they do not return.



Captains Log
SeanSutton Vanduhar

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