Skull and Shackles

Captains Log v. II

A squibbing we will go

That infernal pounding never stops.

I swear, the hammering of the craftsmen at this little shipyard in the middle of nowhere never ceases. In fairness to Rickety, he runs a tight ship and works 24 hours a day.

His men certainly are hard workers, and hard drinkers to boot.

Upon our arrival at this little hole in the wall, half our crew took their leave. All of the Rahdoumoudi and the little scrimshaw kid. If we are going to get this collection of boards and nails moving again, we are going to have to do some serious recruiting.

I spent the first day selling out loots, the people in this town had a surprising amount of coin squirreled away… which was fortuitous as we were able to liquidate a lot of misc crap.

Which if we hadn’t been able to do…..cripes I never had no idea a simple ration of Grog was so frikken expensive. I cant wait until we can rely on animated crew members rather than these crew members that want to eat and drink…..I mean really how is someone supposed to turn a profit by pirating when their crew is constantly chugging down the profits ?

Uotiak came down with a suspicious illness. I think he is faking as he shirks work. I contemplated trying to follow him some as I think he is up to no good, but I have been too damn busy.

One bright point is Killian seemed to recruit this attractive new swordswoman who looks like she would be good in the sack if you can get by her flashing sword. Meh … least she is good at killing things.

There have been a couple of attacks while at Ricketys little town, a naga snuck in and attacked us as we were playing some weird game with pins. I am pretty sure the bitch was trying to steal my treasure chest, thankfully the kobold helped me keep it safe.

Then a swarm of giant wasps attacked the town in general. We made short work of them.

Each time we dealt with these creature Rickety has knocked some money off his squib… maybe if we fabricate another attack or two the squib will actually end up being free :P.

We met another pirate captain….one of the free captains similar to Barnabous. However, he seemed a much nicer fellow, and indeed claims to even dislike Harrigan. I think he was a little too quick in his disrespect of Captain Harrigan… I mean I know the guy is an ass, but I am an untested Captain and Harrigan has stood the test of time…. Perhaps he seeks to steal my ship. He bears watching for sure.


SeanSutton Vanduhar

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