Skull and Shackles


A single tear slid down Papa’s cheek as he watched the last of the sterncastle sink beneath the waves.

“Such a pretty ship…..such a waste…..all those nice cannons…. all those nice skeletons…. sigh”

Flying back to the ship cradling his new shiny toy, Papa landed with a flourish and started bellowing orders.

“Mr. Killian get some swabs in the longboats with hooks and salvage what you can from that pretty ship. If they don’t come back with something worth some coin they have to eat the Kobolds cooking for three days”

“You”, Papa hissed at a young sailor, “Bring me a chicken…..I must be readin the signs.”

The youth scurried off, a look of panic in his face as the skeletal dinosaur slowly walked across the deck….almost as if it expected the Captain to pet it, which shockingly enough he started to gently caress the head …still covered in small parts of decaying flesh that were quickly falling off.

“Ah….excellent …a nice black hen….. " Slicing the chicken up with deft precision, Papa scattered the blood and entrails on the once clean deck in plain view of the crew as a whole. “See here young swab…..Victory is ours…..the Loa’s wuz with us. Now….they are saying to go to the rocky place for even more loot and glory”

“Mistress Laurain, get those sails ready so we can apply canvas as soon as those boats are aboard……I will be in me cabin… Mr. Killian you have the con.”

So much to do….so many spirits to raise….so many items of power to make… so little time.


SeanSutton Vanduhar

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