[Dead] Isabella Locke

Notorious captain of the Thresher, notable for her full body tattoos


An inhuman murderer and pirate, Isabella Locke is the foul captain of the Thresher, a ship known for its crew’s rapacious cruelty and soulless disregard for life. Captives of Captain Locke are fed alive to the sharks more often than not, and those are the lucky ones.

A notorious pirate, Isabella Locke is a Free Captain of the Shackles and well known for her extensive tattoos, magical prowess, and ruthlessness as a pirate. Her ship, the Thrasher, is well known for never taking prisoners and for preying on pirate and merchant alike. She is well known to ignore all of the “niceties” of piracy and fully embrace the full range of murderous, rapacious, or otherwise dishonorable tactics in pursuit of blood, gold, and glory.

It is said that one of her tattoos burned into her skin is a magical map to a large and powerful treasure.


[Dead] Isabella Locke

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