Players and Characters

Players and characters:

The Active Crew

Marko Sertic: Jonas Reelok PZO8504-Gad.jpg Jonas is the first officer of the Man’s Promise. A master with knives and his sharp tongue, he delights in making trouble. A fan of splitting up the party and leaving the low-hit point spellcaster alone right in front of the big bad guy.
Cordell Jacques Maxine “Max” Martigan Pirate_1_.png Upon the death of her father she sold what property he had to buy herself some respectable adventuring gear and set out to make a name for herself, and perhaps gain her mothers attention. Unfortunately she recently discovered that her mother died fighting in the World Wound. The news has crushed some of Max’s world view leaving her questioning her own fate and what destiny has in store for her.
Greg Dyal-Eaton Killian Sweet eb21c49f396e95c0a1b276f7706a14d5.jpg Master at Arms of the Man’s Promise. Killian is a deadly magus, specialized in electrocuting his enemies from the inside-out.
Jeffrey Morrison Papa A-Yuumbi baronsamedi_1_.png Papa A-Yuumbi is the captain of the Man’s Promise and an accomplished necromancer and true and devoted servant to his god’s mysteries. An unfortunate solo-fight against a group of stirges has left him severely injured and he returned to the ship to recover and oversee the remaining work.
Curtis Skurvy Kobold.png The Man’s Promise’s Chief Carpenter and Surgeon. He is a man without a purpose after his devoted captain, Grand Fleet Admiral, First Class Flotsom, Esquire, QRS, MD, PhD, ABCDEFG died at the hands of the grindylows. He felt momentarily bad before he realized this likely meant that he is now owner of Flotsom’s ship.
Tim Huang Uotiak Kid kaitou_kid_1_.jpg The Man’s Promise’s Quartermaster and the master of battle. Uotiak is not exaclty a brave warrior but his effectiveness in directing his allies is unquestioned. He also has a cute little monkey, so that’s nice.
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Our Dear Fallen Comrades-At-Arms

Cordell Jacques [Dead] Flotsam dead_goblin_1_.jpg Flotsam lived a long life. Well, by goblin standards, at least. Death by exsanguation followed by a very short undeath by any standards puts him into the afterlife. We like to think that he is at the side of Zogamut in the Great Sea of the Abyss, sorting through choice pieces of flotsam searching for tasty critters to eat. Let’s be honestly, though, he’d just piss Zogamut off until he was banished to another plane, the better to annoy Zogamut’s enemies.
Cordell Jacques Dead – Daoleth Brinebrood_Queen_1_1_.jpg Daoleth was suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune, waiting for his time. His patron, Zon-Kuthon, promises it would be soon. Zon-Kuthon promised revenge. Zon-Kuthon promised Daoloth the chance to make the world feel the pain he felt. To make the world feel helpless and scared like Daoloth felt. Zon-Kuthon said to wait. Agents of pain were coming. They would free him, and together they would scar the whole world. Unfortunately, this plan did not come to fruition as he threw himself face first down The Whale’s gullet.
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Players and Characters

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