Ports of Call

Rickety’s Squibs (Neutral)

Population: 77 (Humans and halflings)
N Autocracy
Leader: Rickety

You’re well familiar with this place.

Bloodcove (Aspis Consortium)

Small City
Population: 5,281 (Humans, some dwarves, elves, halflings, gnomes)
NE Secret syndicate
Leader: Harthwik Barzoni

Bloodcove is one of the few bastions of civilization on the Fever Sea. Bloodcove borders both the trackless Fever Sea and the vast Mwangi Expanse—two huge wildernesses at the very edge of civilization. Its nearest neighbours are hardly much better. To the south there is the former Cheliaxian colony of Sargava, beset on all fronts by its former owner Cheliax, the greedy Shackles pirates who protect it and its own rebellious Mwangi population. To the north lies the pirate haven of the Shackles, an island chain filled with pirates and the remains of whatever cannibalistic society dwelt there before them. Bloodcove is truly a lone bastion of civilization.

Bloodcove is unique in appearance as the entire city is built into and around the roots and trunks of one of the gargantuan mangrove trees that are found only along the Mwangi coast. The whole city is perched atop boardwalks and scaffolding that keep it out of the Fever Sea. The name Bloodcove comes from the reddish colour of the water that pours from the Vanji River into the Fever Sea

Trade is the lifeblood of Bloodcove and without it the settlement simply would not exist. It was founded to further exploit the vast wealth of the Mwangi Expanse. Bloodcove is ideally positioned to exploit this being situated where the River Vanji, the only river to emerge from the depths of the Mwangi, meets the Fever Sea. Bloodcove trades in many commodities the most common include rare woods, precious metals, exotic creatures and Mwangi artifacts. None of these are easy to come by but their value keeps a steady flow of traders coming to Bloodcove

Senghor (Neutral)

Population: 26,430 (nearly all human, some halfing and dwarf)
N Democracy
Leader: Senghor City Counsil

The city of Senghor is a port on the Bay of Senghor, which is part of the Fever Sea. It is on the western end of the peninsula known as the Kaava Lands in the southern Mwangi Expanse. The Kaava are a pygmy tribe of kech.
Senghor is a free city and will not deal with the slave trade.

Eleder (Sargava)

Small city
Population: 8,900 (Humans, some halflings, dwarves, elves)
LN Autocracy
Leader: Baron Utilinus

The once prosperous city of Eleder (population 8,900) 1 is the capital of Sargava and home of the current Grand Custodian, Baron Utilinus.

It is showing the strain of the country’s lack of finances, but the maintenance of the city’s extensive docks remains the top priority. The shipwrights here are considered to be some of the best in Garund

Eleder’s strict laws against piracy prevent the sale of captured ships here.

Crown’s End (Sargava)

Small town
Population: 348
LG Representative Democracy
Leader: Mayor Rene Markus

Crown’s End is a small trading outpost at the edge of Sargava. Technically, it is under the protection of the Pirate Kings so Free Captains avoid sacking the city and any ships within two days of port-call.

Crown’s End is a free city and staunchly anti-pirate (despite their payment of tribute). Sale of slaves or captured ships won’t fly here.

Port Freedom (Sargava)

Small City
LN Plutocracy
Population: 8,600
Leader: Riverman’s Guild

Situated on the northern bank of the Korir River delta, Port Freedom is Sargava’s second port, behind the capital Eleder.

The sandbanks of the delta mean the port cannot accommodate large, deep water ships, and are also a serious hazard to the river trade with Kalabuto. Barges travelling the river normally call upon the services of the Rivermen’s Guild.

In theory, the town is ruled by Sargava’s leader, the Grand Custodian, Baron Utilinus. However, the Baron lives in Eleder, and has many calls upon his time, and the day to day running of the town is carried out by a council made up of representatives of the various companies which do business along the river. In effect, the town is controlled by the Rivermen’s Guild.

Anti-pirate city. Can not sell captured ships here.

Ports of Call

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